Claudia Cooper Artist


This series developed from a fascination with a heart shaped motif.

Trees atop the islands are drawn from memories of trees first formed on my arrival in New Zealand.

Laid strategy from sound

This series explores the relation of music associated with colour.


These paintings record impressions of my surroundings.

They vary from the traditional to more abstracted views.


These paintings explore the inherent decorative qualities of Phohutakawa leaves.


These paintings are a vehicle for imaginings, using colour and symbol.


These paintings are a joyous references to colour form and summer sunshine.


This series, which is ongoing, have developed from life drawings done over the past 30 years.

The focus over time remains the same, a balance of line, texture and colour, celebrating the female form.


Painted in response to the second invasion of Iraq, the sweet pinks and blues used reference incongruity.

Still Life

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